MACC is a rural Immigrant Service Organization (ISO) located in Carleton County, New Brunswick Canada.  MACC is a privately incorporated company with a non-profit designation.  It is a membership-driven organization with governance provided by an elected Board of Directors.  Management of the organization is provided by the Program Director.

MACC’s strength has always been its creative ability to deliver services in an ever-changing climate of immigration trends.  By being flexible and adaptable MACC has been able to remain relevant and effective for over 20 years.  MACC has a mandate to:

  1. Facilitate contact and communication between persons of different cultural backgrounds;
  2. Foster harmonious relationships among all cultural groups and individuals;
  3. Raise public consciousness and acceptance of Multiculturalism;
  4. Assist newcomers to become established in the community;
  5. Act as an advocate on issues dealing with Multiculturalism.

In short, MACC is about Building Welcoming Communities!