MACC serves Carleton County communities by providing assistance to newcomers who are permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, international students and their families.

Newcomers have the opportunity to learn Canadian customs and adjust to life in Canada.

Settlement Services

  • Assistance with accommodation, school registration, medical and practical information
  • Guidance/referrals to other community services
  • Information and orientation sessions

To register for our free services, contact us by email or by phone (506) 328-4690. Registration includes needs assessments and referrals.

Community Connections

  • Developing relationships between newcomers and their community through our volunteer programs
  • Engaging community members through volunteer opportunities
  • Community activities that help families integrate into Canadian culture and celebrate diversity and inclusion
  • Raising awareness of multiculturalism within the community

If you would like to volunteer with MACC, please contact Melissa Williams by email or by phone (506) 328-4690.

English Language Services

  • Adult English language training available both online and in the classroom setting
  • Classroom English language training available for youth grades 1-12
  • Study materials available

School Programs

  • Support for newcomer youth K-12 through educational mentors and community resources
  • Liaise with school staff and parents
  • Multicultural Club

Pre-employment services

  • Workshops and one-on-one consultations
  • Preparation of resumes and interview skills
  • Networking and course opportunities to prepare you for the Canadian work environment
  • Referrals to Working NB